Pin Up reviews

Pin up casino has a predominantly positive operating record. The company has been operating since 2016. The casino has an international Curacao license, which allows it to organise, conduct and advertise virtual gambling on its resources. The company’s mobile software deserves special attention. Pin up has a desktop website adaptation as well as a feature-rich IOS and Android app.

The casino cooperates with all licensed payment systems: deposits and withdrawals can be made to bank cards, as well as electronic and cryptocurrency wallets. In addition, the brand is loyal to both current and potential customers, proof of this in the online casino Pin up reviews.

Real reviews on Pin up

Awesome casino! Especially happy with the promotions on insta. Once a week involved in the draws. Winning 4 times! It’s nice not to have to do anything and I get frispinis. New Year’s Eve, I got 1000 spins on a soap. Spent all the first day, but how happy he was such a present! Sergey, January 2, 2022

I’ve been playing pin up for about 3 years now. We started with the retro site. Remember the logo was so crazy? I liked it! Although even now the design is cool. It looks modern. Who cares about design when you can win at the casino, right? I’m winning. Not in the millions, but a couple of thousand a month. And I didn’t come here for the money, I came here for the excitement. They are beautiful machines, like in my youth (people from the nineties will understand me), but we had a pure swindle and I can still earn money on pinap. Micha, December 09, 2021

So tell you my story. I read a lot of smart articles about betting strategies, let me play roulette! I started to choose sites, but here I got pinup. Signed up, threw a nickel and started. One – no, two – also no. On the third, I forgot and decided to play on my own, without any systems. And it’s on! I got a grand in the hole. Maybe beginners are lucky, maybe fools, I don’t know. I don’t know, but I got the money easily, my request was approved and I was even congratulated on registration. Andrey, 01 December 2021

Love pinup for the live dealers! The games rooms are tidy. The men are always very handsome!!! What do you want? I’m a girl, it’s important to me)) Anyway, love this site! If you need to de-stress and relax, a thousand games to suit all tastes. Is there really a thousand? Or more? I have not counted, but the assortment here is PROSTOOOOOO huge. I recommend it) Victoria, 30 November 2021

Eh, pinup, darling. you should launch the app on iOS sooner. You are so needed on my phone! I have to count the hours to rush out of work and play. You think I’m a gamer? Nope, I often play even in demos, I just like the games here very much. The range is cool, good design, and the payoff is normal. Well, if you compare it with others. Leonid, 20 November 2021

Great site, I’ll say as a pro. The design is harmonious, the range of games is attractive, video slots don’t run – they fly. Been looking for the catch for a long time, 7 months exactly. Then I gave up. Who cares what’s wrong. If I play fair games and have no problem withdrawing what I’ve made up. I recommend Pinup! Ivan, January 10, 2022

Why no one writes about demos? Guys!!! Pinup is the only casino in Canada with such a set of free games! You can open any slot for free and see if the developers have shoved anything clever in there. If that’s not an indicator of honesty for you, I just don’t know what else to suggest! Tatiana, March 5, 2021

Pin up is the number 1 casino for me!!! In tech support are nice guys, always tell me if I start to slow down. I have a lot of games, even a lot (I haven’t played all the slots in half a year, I just don’t have time), the output also works fine, by the way, without bugs and commissions. Ilya, September 10, 2021

I have no questions about withdrawal too. I won and got the money right away. I don’t care how many dibs you have. I don’t care how much dough you had in your account. Said you can’t play with minors! If you do not break the rules, read them carefully and play fair, you will get your money back. Who needs it? I have never had a problem with it in 2 years! And that is an indicator. Pinup LAAAAAIK Makar, October 31, 2021

Fell in love with pinap from the first welcome bonus! Where else will they give you 150% plus to your account? And they really did. I’ve only got my money down and look, there’s a present on my account. How cool is that? That’s cool. It’s a little hard to win back, though. Couldn’t win 50 grand, didn’t get lucky. But I definitely made more than that in a year. It’s all about getting the hang of it. And the office is honest, decent. I don’t know about the games, I only like Makaka and Babanza. I can play them all day long! Kostya, April 4, 2021

Have you seen the new bonuses? It’s just a PUSHKABOMBA. I never understood why everyone praises and bestows only on newcomers? So what if I’ve been playing for 2 years, do I need less? Everyone does, but not at pinup. They always throw spins in the mail here, they always give you freebies. Nice guys! Andrew, August 10, 2021

I never thought it would be so easy to play slots! I love this kind of entertainment thanks to pinup. I can play all day, especially to collect crystals. Guys are such dushki operators! They taught me everything even when I do not understand what to do and where to press. Alena May 30, 2021

I’ve been playing slots for about 10 years maybe more. Started when they just appeared. Some kind of murky schemes everywhere. I can’t say that pinup is the only office in the world that seems to be completely honest, but I have been playing here for 2 years now. The pay on time, the game is also constantly new and you do not get bored. I don’t like them, they are the only ones in the world that seem fair to me. I do not understand how they can not love it! And my opinion, believe me, I have played everything and everywhere. Ivan January 18, 2022

I also like pinup! I also miss the app ((( If you were on my phone, I would definitely play it all day long!!!!! And sometimes you have to go to work. My advice to newbies: Do not be afraid to ask! No one will take you for dumbasses. If it wasn’t for the technical department I would have never mastered so many cool toys. Leha, March 9, 2021

I love pinup especially for the toys. Roulettes here are just fire, and you can throw free spins on them too. Special kudos to them for running tournaments. Now I know where to practice all the skills! What do you think, playing cards at the computer and wiping your ass? No, I’m a poker connoisseur, thanks to pinup. I’m not rich yet, but I didn’t come here for the mullions, I came here for the toys. Danila, December 7, 2021.

I don’t know how to play at this casino, I don’t know how to play at this casino and I don’t know how to play at all. I have a lot of games, but some are laggy, especially when run from a phone. Payments always come through, but they take a big commission if you withdraw more than you earn. Would I recommend pinup to others? Rather yes. I do not get cheated like… you know, Sanya, 9 July 2021.

Very weak mobile software. Without the app on apple is not the same. Mobile version starts lagging when opening video slot. But I still sit among customers and do not show off as there are many games and pay without delays! Victor, December 23, 2021

I’ve been playing on pinup for about a year, maybe a little more. And here’s what I’ve noticed: games appear here very often, but the range of old slots is updated faithfully. If netand has released a sim with a shoestring it will shoestring to death. RTF-ku better calculate yourself, stats overestimate frankly here))) Although more than 90 pay a fact. I always get paid! Jacob, December 10, 2021

The casino is decent on the whole. With its minuses, like everyone else. Sometimes the operator is rude, sometimes the slot hangs. Well wallet does not hang ever, I would go to the gray. Guys write that they’ve been playing here for over a year. I’ve been “in the game” for 9 months too. I think the stability is better than words to show the honesty of pinups. andryukha, November 11, 2021

I like pinup for the speed of problem solving. I like pinup, I like the speed at which the problem is solved. But the guys are always helpful operators, although I would have banned myself long ago))).

Igor, 26 November 2021