Pin Up Mirror

On the pin-up casino site, a mirror is an auxiliary link that duplicates the main resource. A mirror is an auxiliary site that helps customers get to the gaming resource when the main site is down. This article will explain what a mirror is, give an overview of its functionality, tell you how to use a mirror link and help you understand alternative blocking software.

Why Pin-up is blocked

Before you look for a working Pin-up mirror, you need to understand the main reasons for the blocking. To begin with, online rooms are banned in Canada. In 2012, the president signed a law that prohibits the creation, advertising and promotion of virtual gambling entertainment in the country. Thousands of online casinos have closed down, unable to find a way around the legal restrictions.

Pin-up did not shut down. The developers have created a pin up mirror – a special link that can be used to access the gaming site from any web browser. While Roskomnadzor has banned players from visiting the official site of the Pin-up casino, customers can easily play through a spare, or mirror resource. However, the territorial ban is not the only reason why the Pin-up website is down. Problems may arise due to:

  • Technical failures and overloads of the official website. When there is a major championship in the world (eg, poker tournament 2022), the site is visited by thousands of gamers and the platform server just can not withstand the load;
  • Internal failures on the client’s PC. These include technical damage to the modem or poorly functioning drivers;
  • Internal blocking of the account. The Pin-up website may block the player’s account for breaking the rules, for example, by registering more than once;

The main problems can be solved with a pin-up mirror.

What is a pin up mirror

On the pin up casino website, a working mirror is an auxiliary site. In fact, a mirror is a dubler site that copies the design, interface and functionality of the main site. This is a full-fledged copy of the official site with similar options, design and set of payment systems. You will not find any visual difference between the mirror site and the original site. They look the same.

The only difference will be the domain name. The domain makes the pinup mirror a completely separate site, unrelated to the brand. Therefore, blocking Pin-up does not apply to a mirror, but in order to block it, Roskomnadzor must find the mirror link, conduct an inspection and issue a new blocking order.

How long a Pin-up mirror can work

As a rule, a working Pin-up mirror can work for 7-14 days. In 2 weeks Roskomnadzor will do all the manipulation to close the site. This is the only disadvantage of a mirror link – the need to update it regularly. However, developers create thousands of mirror copies every day. At any moment, a player can find a pin up mirror and continue playing without creating a new account.

How to find a working pin up mirror

To find pin-up casino working mirror for today, you need to use one of the suggested options:

  • Contact Pin-up technical support. Write an email to the support and ask them to send you the actual link;
  • Subscribe to the email and SMS newsletter from the casino. Then, the development team will automatically send you a pin up casino mirror when your link is blocked;
  • Subscribe to the social networks of the room. Pinup is actively promoted on social network Instagram and messenger Telegram. Ask the administrators to send you a working mirror link;
  • Copy the link from our article. We monitor the relevance of mirrors and update the link to pin up casino working mirror in a timely manner;
  • Visit topical sites, social networking groups and forums dedicated to gambling. Pay special attention to the review sites;
  • Use Google and Yandex search engines to find the link yourself.

How to use a Pin-up mirror

For a pin-up casino, an active mirror is the fastest entry platform. With the help of a mirror, even a player without computer skills will be able to get to a blocked site. To do this:

  • Find a pin up mirror using any of the methods described above;
  • Copy the mirror link into your web browser’s address bar;
  • Click on the “Register” button as soon as the Pin-up home page loads;
  • Fill in the welcome form;
  • Log in to your account and fill up your balance;
  • Proceed to play;

Important: If you make a deposit within 60 minutes of registering, the company will increase the deposit amount by 120%.

Alternative ways to bypass the blocking

If you don’t want to search for pin up working mirror for today, but the territorial ban prevents you from getting to the official casino website, connect a special blocking bypass program. In this section, we explain what programs there are and what the features of the software.


The main reason why the Pin Up website doesn’t work: internal blocking from the provider. As soon as you open the casino site, the ISP reads your ip, identifies you as an RF resident and blocks access to the link. VPN software helps you change your ip and upload a different geolocation by selecting a country available to visit. For example, in Portugal Pinup works freely and residents don’t use the pin up mirror up to date when logging in. By setting a Portuguese geo, you can access the server as well.


To get rid of the need to look for pin up casino mirror help routers. These are special services with which you can get to any site as if bypassing the main local network. The actions of a router are similar to those of a tour guide, who shows the customer unknown but most attractive routes. The router allows you to move around the network unnoticed and therefore all blocked sites start working. The most popular routers are Tor and Proxy servers.

Built-in browser options

There are special browsers on the web with built-in circumvention utilities. For example, you could say a special Tor browser, with an internal router. As for the standard browsers, the basic Opera and Yandex browsers have a built in “turbo mode” option, which can be used to speed up page loading. With faster loading, the ISP simply does not have time to restrict access.

Is it safe to use a pin up mirror

Pin-up working mirror is completely safe to use. In fact, it is just another source for logging in to the platform from a trusted developer. The Pinup website and current mirrors share the same database, security system and even the same technical support department. When you use a mirror you are still a client of Pin-up.

As for the legislation, there is no threat to your security either. Firstly, a mirror is an independent, unblocked and therefore legally operating online casino. How can you break the law if this site is allowed to visit by Roskomnadzor (until a decree to the contrary is issued). Secondly, the responsibility for blocking lies solely with the casino’s creator. Even if you visit the official site with the help of technical programs, there will be no violations in your actions.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find pin up mirror today?

At the actual link from this article.

If I changed the pin-up mirror, do I need to register again?

No. Pin-up has the same base for all the linked sites. You do not need to register again, all your data is already in the system.

Is there a mirror needed for pin-up casino app?

No. The app has a “blocking bypass” option built in automatically.

Does the pin up casino mirror send out emails?

Yes, but only if you are subscribed to the newsletter.

How do I know if Pin Up is working?

By pasting it into your browser’s address bar! If the page loads, it means the mirror is working!

For pin up bet sports site do you need a mirror too?

Yes, because the platform does not have a license of the Unified Centre for the Accounting of Interactive Bets (UCUIPIS).